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Last Update: 12:30pm EDT -- April 24, 2024
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Latest Observation


Current Stage: 0.88 ft
Current Flow: N/A

Historic Observations

Record Stage: 21.71 ft
Record Flow: N/A

Time/Date Stage Flow Category
7:00pm EDT -- April 24, 2024 4.20 ft N/A Normal
8:00pm EDT -- April 24, 2024 3.60 ft N/A Normal
9:00pm EDT -- April 24, 2024 2.80 ft N/A Normal
10:00pm EDT -- April 24, 2024 2.00 ft N/A Normal
11:00pm EDT -- April 24, 2024 1.30 ft N/A Normal
12:00am EDT -- April 25, 2024 0.70 ft N/A Normal
1:00am EDT -- April 25, 2024 0.30 ft N/A Normal
Previous 10 Observations
Time/Date Stage Flow Category
12:15pm EDT -- April 24, 2024 1.01 ft N/A Normal
12:00pm EDT -- April 24, 2024 1.17 ft N/A Normal
11:45am EDT -- April 24, 2024 1.32 ft N/A Normal
11:30am EDT -- April 24, 2024 1.50 ft N/A Normal
11:15am EDT -- April 24, 2024 1.67 ft N/A Normal
11:00am EDT -- April 24, 2024 1.86 ft N/A Normal
10:45am EDT -- April 24, 2024 2.05 ft N/A Normal
10:30am EDT -- April 24, 2024 2.26 ft N/A Normal
10:15am EDT -- April 24, 2024 2.46 ft N/A Normal
10:00am EDT -- April 24, 2024 2.67 ft N/A Normal

Normal: The water surface is below the top of its banks.

Action: The water surface is generally near or slightly above the top of its banks, but no man-made structures are flooded.

Minor: Minimal or no property damage, but possibly some public threat (e.g., inundation of roads).

Moderate: Some inundation of structures and roads near stream. Some evacuations of people and/or transfer of property to higher elevations.

Major: Extensive inundation of structures and roads. Significant evacuations of people and/or transfer of property to higher elevations.

Flood Stage Impacts

17.00 ft.: Water reaches Broadway at Maiden Lane.

14.00 ft.: Water floods one lane of the approach to the Dunn Memorial Bridge, some basements along Broadway, and blocks access to the gage house.

13.00 ft.: Water floods the railroad tracks under Interstate 787.

12.00 ft.: Ramps of Interstate 787, underpass of Broadway near Madison Ave and Colonie Street, and the parking lot of the Village One apartments in Menands are flooded.

11.00 ft.: Minor flood stage.

9.00 ft.: Action stage.

8.00 ft.: Water reaches the Corning Preserve.



Gauge Location

Gauge reading affected by ocean tides.
Gauge reading may be affected by ice. Forecast flows are unadjusted for ice.
Forecasts are issued routinely year-round.

Source National Water Prediction Service / US Geological Survey