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Colonie Weather Online

Located in New York's Capital Region

Snow Shower 32°F
2021 Summaries:
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Note: All records shown in "Notes" section is from official Albany NWS climate data.

Month In Review

Temperature Summary

Average Temperature: 26.6°F (+2.2°F)

Highest Temperature: 41°F (2nd)

Lowest Temperature: -2°F (31st)

Average High Temperature: 32.4°F

Average Low Temperature: 20.4°F

High Temperature Below 32°F: 11 days

Low Temperature Below 0°F: 1 day

Degree Days: 1,170.8 HDD / 0.0 CDD

Wind Summary

Average Wind Speed: 1.6 mph

Dominant Wind Direction: NW

Highest Wind Gust: 31 mph (23rd)

Precipitation Summary

Total Precipitation: 1.75 in (-0.85 in)

Maximum 24-Hour Total: 0.40 in (16th)

Total Snowfall: 10.7 in (-4.9 in)

Maximum 24-Hour Total: 3.5 in (26th)



Daily Temperature & Precipitation Summary
Day Weather High Temperature Low Temperature Precipitation Snowfall
1st Light Snow 35°F 20°F 0.29 in 1.0 in
2nd Freezing Drizzle 41°F 31°F 0.39 in Trace
3rd Snow 35°F 31°F 0.23 in 2.5 in
4th Snow Showers 37°F 33°F 0.03 in 0.7 in
5th Cloudy 36°F 30°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
6th Cloudy 34°F 28°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
7th Mostly Cloudy 32°F 24°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
8th Mostly Cloudy 27°F 17°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
9th Mostly Cloudy 31°F 15°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
10th Partly Sunny 29°F 16°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
11th Snow Flurries 32°F 18°F Trace Trace
12th Cloudy 36°F 25°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
13th Cloudy 36°F 26°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
14th Cloudy 38°F 21°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
15th Mostly Cloudy 39°F 25°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
16th Wintry Mix 40°F 31°F 0.40 in 0.5 in
17th Light Snow 38°F 33°F 0.01 in Trace
18th Cloudy 37°F 28°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
19th Snow Showers 38°F 23°F Trace Trace
20th Snow Showers 34°F 16°F 0.02 in 0.5 in
21st Snow Showers 33°F 15°F 0.02 in 1.0 in
22nd Mostly Cloudy 39°F 27°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
23rd Partly Sunny 28°F 14°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
24th Sunny 22°F 9°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
25th Mostly Sunny 31°F 9°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
26th Snow 30°F 18°F 0.29 in 3.5 in
27th Light Snow 32°F 27°F 0.07 in 1.0 in
28th Mostly Cloudy 27°F 13°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
29th Mostly Cloudy 17°F 2°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
30th Mostly Sunny 20°F 1°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
31st Mostly Cloudy 21°F -2°F 0.00 in 0.0 in
Weather Icon Key
Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description Icon Description
Sunny Sunny thunderstorm Thunderstorms Heavy Snow Heavy Snow Freezing Rain Freezing Rain Heavy Rain Heavy Rain
Mostly Sunny Mostly Sunny Scattered Thunderstorms Scattered T'Storms Snow Snow Freezing Drizzle Freezing Drizzle Rain Rain
Partly Sunny Partly Sunny Rain Showers Rain Showers Light Snow Light Snow Wintry Mix Wintry Mix Light Rain Light Rain
Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy Snow Showers Snow Showers Snow Flurries Flurries Rain & Snow Rain & Snow Drizzle Drizzle
Cloudy Cloudy Haze Haze Sleet Sleet Snow & Sleet Snow & Sleet Windy Windy